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Capture12a - 4549=1|h=1fiez ’1 m = 33.4 in = 3.28 feet...

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Unformatted text preview: 4549=1|h=1fiez ’1 m = 33.4 in = 3.28 feet 2.54cm=1 in 1 km = [LE-2’1 mile 1L=1.E|eq 3.?9L=1gal {number} {unit} 1—n/ L—n/ {number} {unit} 8.19EJI L X = flflflflflfiflflfl B.fiBE—d ‘J qt Feedback: 1 L =1.E|Ei qt Set up the centrersien factor with the desired unit on top and the given unit on the bottom: 1.1}5 qt 8.19E4 L X — = 8.63E4 qt 1 L Liters cancel and you are in unite ef quarts. Note that a liter is just A BIT LARGER than a quart. ...
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