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Capture15 - Status V 1 1M 2" 33 You must answer 2 of3...

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Unformatted text preview: Status V: 1% 1M 2" 33' You must answer 2 of3 questions correctly.r in the SAME attempt at this Unit to receive credit for it. Alter answering the questions int Assignment or to redo this Unit. Score: Congratulations, you did all of the 2 parts correctly. Answer{s}: [Your responsels} are shown below, followed by the correct answer|[s}_} Chemical Formulas Periodic Table The boiling point of a liquid is calculated to be 292 K. What is this temperature on the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales? isosoooo 19 \/ “if, sees 55 \/ BF Feedback: GIVEN: 292 K WANTED: "C EQUATION: K = "C + 2?3 "C = K—ZTB = 292—2?3 = 19"C GIVEN: 19 “C WANTED: “F EQUATION: “F = BIS “C + 32 3 e "F =-"c+32=-t1ei+32= 34+32 =fifi"F s s ...
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