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self evaluation - speech was not attraction to the audience...

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KHANH TRAN Ms. Brever Speech 1315 Mon 21, 2011 SELF EVALUATION It is so hard for self evaluation exactly because I have never evaluated by myself. When I got high score on my paper bag speech, I was very happy. I did so well about good eyes contact, but I had many defects in my speech. I had so nervous because this is a second time in my life that I stand in front of class to speak by my second language. I do not know everyone in class understand me what I speak. With paper speech, I feel exciting to introduce the dearest in my family, as well as the customs of my country to everyone in my class on the other country. Although I practiced my speech before class but I did not speak smoothing. I spoke loud enough, but my voice was slow and boring sound. Moreover, wording in my usage is very monotonous. It is the problem that my
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Unformatted text preview: speech was not attraction to the audience. The course helps me to improve my communication skill a lot. I begin to have a confidence when I stand speaking in group. Have confidence in myself that I can do things which I think are not possible. I also know to convey to people how to listen effectively. Additionally, writing a speech is a good idea too because it helps me to enhance the process of grammar into English and memorize specific things I may want to point out when I deliver my speech. I think the art of public speaking is very important skill that you can have to achieve your goal; especially in working environment have much higher communication skill and it lead many people to success in life....
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