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Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 1 List five desirable properties of...

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Chapter 18 1. List five desirable properties of copper? - Alloying, cold working, precipitation hardening, other desirable properties such as increase ductility and malleability. 2. On average, what percent of copper ore is pure copper? - Copper ore generally contains between 0.2% and 3.0% pure copper, with an average of 0.7%. 3. Summarize the process used to extract copper from copper ore? - The ore must be refined through a long and complex process. The ore is first crushed into very fine powder. The powder is mixed with water and chemicals so the part of the ore containing copper floats to the surface. The copper concentrate is skimmed off the top of the solution. This process is called ore benefaction. 4. Name of two most common copper alloys? - Bronze - Brass 5. Which copper alloy is a mixture of copper and tin?
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- Bronze 6. Aluminum bronze is an alloy of COPPER and ALUMINUM. 7. What effects does zinc have when added to copper? - When 3-30% zinc is added to copper, an alloy known as Brass is produced. The zinc increases the strength of the copper through solid solution hardening. Ductility and formability are also increased.
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