splish splash - the right class is very important. Lessons...

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Khanh Tran Splish Splash Preparing your preschooler for swimming lessons Summer awakens that we magic about deep within our bones: to jump into an icy lake, leap over salty waves, or cannonball into the pool. When the heat hits, we are drawn to water like files to honey. If your child is not yet a swimming yet, this could be the perfect time for him to start taking formal lessons. First is ready for class. Some preschoolers are eager to dive right into the water; others are more wary. To participate in the lesson, your child needs to feel comfortable in the water. For safety reason, your child can listen to and follow simple directions from an adult. If your child doesn’t enjoy bath time or getting face wet, these are signs that your child is not ready yet. Finally calls jump on in. choosing
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Unformatted text preview: the right class is very important. Lessons for children 3 and older are usually offered by both age and skill level. If your child seems hesitant or frightened about separating from you, try an introductory lesson first where you are in the water together. During an entry level class, your child will learn to swim unassisted and float. And your child will become more coordinated and are able to learn actual strokes, such as a front flutter kick and a paddle stroke. Most importantly , when your child participate in swimming lessons and begin to master new skills, they build self confidence that will eventually help them to achieve independence in the water and on dry land....
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splish splash - the right class is very important. Lessons...

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