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Dear Russ, 10/26/2010 Ok, well it’s been a couple weeks since we got a return letter out to you. Sorry , We’ve been so busy with your Bro doing school and working and me trying to get this place in order and working on getting Madison into school along with her brother. WE are moving at the end of December so we will be super busy with moving and packing. We are looking for another house to rent but not sure exactly where, but we would like to keep you updated after we move. I know you may be upset with us right now, not sure if Grandma Sue told you but we will not be able to take y our daughter in. We have too much going on right now. We think your daughter would be better with someone who is more stable then us meaning both adults working. I still haven’t found employment and Joey is the only one working. We would want the absolute best for your daughter and feel that she wouldn’t be getting the best with us. Maybe it’ll change
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Unformatted text preview: in the future but it’s not gonna work for now or till we can get on our feet, right now we are still struggling. I have a feeling you might hate us right now and if that’s the case we can accept that. I hope to continue writing to you but as I type this I get the feeling that you’re gonna be very mad by this and you may want to quit writing, so if that is the case this can be our very last letter. We are VERY sorry and hope you can understand. Joey and I saw your GED diploma and we are both very proud of you! Hope you’re proud of yourself. That’s a big accomplishment to finish school. I was the first to finish high school in my family. Both my mother and father didn’t graduate high school. Well I’m going to mail this out to you this morning so you hope get it by Monday. Plz write back and hope it’ll be a nice letter back from you. . From Joey and Rosey Ps- Hope you’re doing well. Thinking about you more then you know 8}...
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