Hey Russel 4.3.2010 - Hey Russell, Sorry its been a while...

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Hey Russell, Sorry it’s been a while since I last wrote. I’ve been busy with cleaning and getting things ready for the summer. Got to get our car a oil change soon and check things make sure they are good to go. I HATE Arizona summers. They are awful. I have been looking for a job to help Joey with the bills and no luck. So how are you? I’m doing alright. Can’t believe Madison will be 2 in a matter of a few days along with your bro. I’m hoping to move from the house we are renting in September because the kids barely get to go outside because of the golf course next door. So yeah I turned 27, I know I’m old right? HA HA! We have Alex and Maddie in swim lessons. They both love it for the most part and they both have the same coach. Alex doesn’t really like going under water. He had a hard time today but I hope he gets better. I want them prepared for the summer so they know what to do in an emergency. Man, it’s been beautiful here in AZ the past few days. I’m having some coffee. I love my coffee. What’s your favorite drink? I love coffee, some Pepsi and tea. I like Horchata (Mexican rice drink}. Well sorry this is short. I wanted to get a quick note out to you. We have not forgotten about you. Just been nuts around here :} Your sis in law Rosey Hey Brother, So I guess you read that I am unemployed right now and have been since Feb 1
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Hey Russel 4.3.2010 - Hey Russell, Sorry its been a while...

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