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Hey Russell - get into a 3 bedrm apt It would be nice if...

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Hey Russell, 9/23/09 I am so sorry we have not gotten back to you. As for your request I am sorry they are not in this letter. Maybe Joey can help you out with that cuz Joey is a lot smarter than me and I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction. So how you been? We are ok. Alex turns 4 in December and Madison will be 2 on Joey’s birthday. Debbi and Sam are doing alright. We will be moving at the end of October. We are so tired of living at this place. Last night guys were swimming in the pool at midnight making all kinds of noise and the police don’t really care so we are thinking about renting a house or try to
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Unformatted text preview: get into a 3 bedrm apt. It would be nice if the kids had their own rooms. Any who what’s new on your side of town? I’ll try to get some updated pics of the kids to you soon. Maybe by Christmas??!! Or sooner, it’s kind of hard getting two toddlers to sit still for a while. When is your birthday again? Well ill try to write more often. Well sorry this is so short but Alex is blowing raspberry scented bubbles in my face and I need to run to the store and send this out. SORRY it’s been forever… Your sis in law, Rosey I’ll try to get Joey to write to you again soon…work just gets crazy for him off and on. ....
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