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Running head: ARCHITECTURE AND ART 1 Architecture and Art Joey Finley Kaplan University Art and Humanities: 20th Century and Beyond HU300 Martha Maurno August 23, 2011
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Architecture and Art The example that I came across happened while taking the recommended field trip around my city, not in the literal sense, but rather online because during Arizona’s summer the weather can be unbearable regarding the temperature. As I looked, and as mentioned what to look for in this part one of the project, what grabbed my attention was a house listed in Phoenix on an architectural site ("Biltmore Home," n.d.). It immediately looked like something I would see in a futuristic movie of a wealthy person. The obviousness of it was that it was actually in today’s time. As it was listed as Biltmore View Modern, I have to presume that the style is “Modern”. Even more amazing is that the house was built in 1986. It has four bedrooms and a five car garage. It is a luxury home to say the least which is why the designer was able to envision it in a modern style. What is interesting about it being considered modern architecture is that there are no specific rules that the way it was done that had to be adhered to (Janaro &
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HU300_Finley_Joey_Architecture_and_Art_Unit_2 - Running...

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