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HU300_Finley_Joey_Soundtrack_of_My_Life_Unit_4 - Running...

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Running head: SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE 1 Soundtrack of My Life Joey Finley Kaplan University Art and Humanities: 20th Century and Beyond HU300 Martha Maurno August 30, 2011
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Soundtrack of My Life Growing up as a child was spent typically about one year roughly in one of the many cities encompassing the east valley area of the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. I can remember listening to varies types of music, but for the most part I was forced to listen to what my parents usually listened to which was country music. That music today is considered old country. I liked in particular the slower ones like, “He Stopped Loving Her Today”, which when you first read the title, one might negative of the singer, but as you hear the song, ‘today’ is the day his wife died. “Louisiana Saturday Night” by Mel Daniel is a great old country song that just makes you want to get up an dance and when with your parents dancing with you, you really feel so close to them. Neither of my parents or only half-brother that I was raised with played any kind of instrument frequently enough that I had ever reflected back on as commonly heard. My father only play guitar but it was more of a hobby. I actually started to take a class in 7 th grade but that only lasted a week as we had to move and the next school did not have the same class. I myself had always dreamt of being able to play some kind of instrument; the piano, guitar, or even the harmonica was the top of my list. When it came to listening to music on my own time, typically only in my room I did not have radio until I was in 8 th grade. That particular year I do distinctly remember tuning into only two different genres of music. One was the classical music station. I loved how music could be played so eloquently and though even with no words, I could envision a story of some sort to correlate with almost each piece that I had listened to. I could not remember any specific song title as so many sounded similar in ways and yet some were very drastically diverse in sound. All I can really remember during those times of lying in my bed with the music at mid-level was feeling free of worries almost liken to a raft afloat on a calmly swaying ocean. Listening to that music as I fell asleep, I
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HU300_Finley_Joey_Soundtrack_of_My_Life_Unit_4 - Running...

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