Mama chicken ecnhies - dish. Put a spoon of mix on the...

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Mama’s Chicken Enchiladas Recipe Ingredients: + Large Can of Hatch brand whole green chili’s(chop into kinda large pieces} or whatever brand u desire, mild fire roasted is what recipe calls for(wash hands after working with these, DON’T RUB YOUR FACE) +Can of Mushroom Soup + Carton Sour cream +Small onion(dice ) + 3 or 4 skinless Chicken breast +Colby jack cheese(shred the amount you desire) +Corn tortillas + oil +black olives, sliced +garlic salt or regular salt for seasoning ( I use garlic salt, more flavor) Boil chicken as follows, Shred chicken after cooling Mix Chicken, soup, sour cream, and onion and seasoning, chilis, cheese, olives and mix up into large bowl. Dip corn tortilla in hot oil just to soften and stack up whatever amount that will fit into your casserole
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Unformatted text preview: dish. Put a spoon of mix on the tortilla and roll up and place in pan. . (put a bit of mixture on the bottom of pan so tortillas wont stick) when your done with first layer put some more mix over the finished rolled tortillas and starts another layer. When you are done place remaining mixture over the top and shred cheese on top the the mix and put black olives on that . Hope its not confusing. . Bake at 350 for 30 mins. . if you have any other questions please call Joey and Ill go over recipe with you if needed. Enjoy! If you have extra sour cream , its great on top the the enchies as joeys mama says. ..Maybe we can exchange recipes??? Let joey know. . <3...
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Mama chicken ecnhies - dish. Put a spoon of mix on the...

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