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MT140_Finley_Joey_Unit_6_Assignment_Control System -...

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Running head: SANDWHICH BLITZ 4 STEP CONTROL PROCESS 1 Sandwich Blitz 4 Step Control Process Joey Finley Kaplan University Introduction to Management MT140 Maria Minor June 28, 2011
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Sandwich Blitz 4 Step Control Process Lei has come across an issue with a time sheep discrepancy where a manager has allowed an associate to report hours on the time that had not been actually worked thereby receiving pay for work that had been done. Lei confirmed that this type of action is not allowed by checking through the handbook, just to verify her concerns. She has also noticed that some employees have not been working or living up to what herself and Dalman had expected of their employees. Therefore Lei has begun a revision of how work is performed with the business to include the following four steps to address this current misappropriation of reporting hours worked and any further problems. She will initiate a setting of standards to which each employee will have to be aware of to include needed retraining if applicable. These standards will have appropriate goals
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MT140_Finley_Joey_Unit_6_Assignment_Control System -...

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