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MT140_Finley_Joey_Unit_7_Sandwich_Blitz_Effective_Teams -...

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Running head: SANDWICH BLITZ EFFECTIVE TEAMS 1 Sandwich Blitz Effective Teams Joey Finley Kaplan University Introduction to Management MT140 Maria Minor July 03, 2011
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Sandwich Blitz Effective Teams Dalman and Lei of Sandwich Blitz have been going to the locations of their business other than their main center speaking with the respective operation managers at each location discussing any issues they might be having. The financial aspects were Lei’s priority. Dalman and Lei were happy that each separate site were satisfactory or better, but came to a conclusion that they were did not have the time or energy available in order to put towards bringing their company up to the next level. This is because the majority of Dalman’s and Lei’s time is consumed dealing with attending to minor and discretionary dilemmas. Dalman has been made aware of from various sources that other businesses similar to their type have been using a team approach concerning managing. He has heard that this type of leadership style has produced
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MT140_Finley_Joey_Unit_7_Sandwich_Blitz_Effective_Teams -...

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