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Running head: SANDWICH BLITZ ETHICS AND CORPORATE SOCIAL 1 Sandwich Blitz Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Joey Finley Kaplan University Introduction to Management MT140 Maria Minor July 10, 2011
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Sandwich Blitz Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility There has been a recent addition in county health regulations and new land laws requiring that trash dumpsters have to be at a minimum of 30 feet from the rear entrance of businesses and the county zoning ordinances require that all outside buildings to be no closer than six feet from the property lines, yet the enclosure that houses the local Sandwich Blitz trash dumpster is five feet from the property line. Dalman has an interesting predicament to choose from two quite different options. He can choose to take the easy way out that may or may not be a permanent solution by simply supplying food essentially catering for the zoning inspector’s department holiday party in which case the local Sandwich Blitz manager has informed Dalman that the zoning inspector would be willing to approve the way that the trash dumpsters are already set up, yet actually still being in violation of the new health code zoning and land-use laws. The other option would be to act in accordance with doing whatever it is that is necessary to alter the physical arrangement of how the dumpster is setup in order to comply within the newest health code zoning and land-use laws. Dalman and the Location Manager could do with some consideration regarding following
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