Russell - How are things Hoping all is well for you Joey...

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Russell, Sorry I have not written sooner. Been a little busy the past couple days with the kids. Alex is doing beginner soccer and me and your brother is looking into getting the kids into swim lessons to prepare them for this summer swimming. We still have the visitation applications you sent. Having your brother take care of them. Well I turn 27 next month, I’m getting old…just kidding. Madison is going to be 2 soon (on your bro’s birthday). I actually have a cold as I am typing to you right now.
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Unformatted text preview: How are things? Hoping all is well for you. Joey and I celebrate 4 years of being married on Wednesday the 24 th . I have been with your brother since I was 18. Not sure if I ever told you that. Sorry wasn’t able to look up any info for you like you wanted, my reason for that is because I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction…would see if Joey can do that for you?? So how Is grandma sue doing? Hope she is well....
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