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Chem 241L Check-In Flyer Fall 2011

Chem 241L Check-In Flyer Fall 2011 - FALL 2011 CHEMISTRY...

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FALL 2011 CHEMISTRY 241L & 245L LAB CHECK-IN Lab check-in begins the week of August 29 th . Meet in Chapman 211 on your scheduled lab day and time. Every student must purchase a lab manual from Course Packs (UNC Student Stores - 2nd Floor). The lab manual has check-in documents that are required for lab check-in. Download and install DataStudio to your computer, if you do not already have this program installed, and make sure you have turned off the "User Account Control" on your computer, their are instructions on Blackboard under DataStudio in the navigation bar. Login to your lab sections Blackboard site ( http://blackboard.unc.edu ) and download the syllabus, the check-in lecture and Experiment 0. Registered students who do not show up for their scheduled lab check-in will automatically be dropped from the lab. To be allowed to check-in you must bring your laptop computer; have a lab manual (Course Packs in Student Stores; a pair of safety glasses; a lab notebook and you must dress appropriately.
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