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Analyzing Credibility Wells - • Wendy’s created an ad...

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The news clip is by CNN. It’s a live interview in which Rudy Guiliani expresses his opinions about the  United States following the  attack.  I don’t perceive a slant as they are his opinions and are not presented in a swaying  manner. I don’t  find myself questioning  his credibility because he has an interest in the city of New York.  He was  affected by the situation.  I think it reflects society’s views in that we demand justice for those responsible for attacking us.  That in a time of need, people can come together for a nation.
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Unformatted text preview: • Wendy’s created an ad supporting their integrity with their “fresh, never frozen beef.” Their slant is that their method for preparing hamburger meat results in a tastier and better hamburger. I would assume they researched what their customers preferred in a hamburger patty and are now offering what will sell the best. This ad reflects the general belief that fresh is better than frozen. I think, in general, a consumer would prefer fresh products when given the choice between fresh and frozen....
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