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Argument Credibility Source: The Washington Times Website: too-vague/?page=1 Article Title: VA. Police Find Driver-Texting Law Too Vague The claims from the article are that the texting-while-driving law are difficult to enforce because there are to many loopholes. It isn’t easy to prove that a driver is texting instead of dialing a phone number. People can use this excuse to try to get out of trouble. The articles claims do not conflict with my views. I think that there is a need for a more effective way to make this new law enforceable.
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Unformatted text preview: The loopholes should be tightened, so that people are not able to slip through. There have been many fatal accidents where the driver was texting-while-driving. You hear reports on the news, or in the newspaper. While driving in your car, you can see others texting while driving. The editor of the article is a reporter of the Associated Press. Matthew Barakat., He has written many articles for reliable news papers and magazines. He is a trustworthy source who writes for a major newspaper company. The article is based on facts that were researched by the author....
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