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Distance learning is an amazing concept; you get to attend classes without ever leaving your living room. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the drive to get it done. Distance learning is not a do it at your own pace class, you have deadlines that you have to meet. The hardest part is remembering the time difference so that you turn your assignments in on time. You are required to log into the classroom and participate several days a week, but there is no time that you have to log in, just a time that you need to have it done by. There are different forums that you use to complete your assignments, chat with other students, and have a main discussion between all the class and the teacher. You also have an individual forum that is just for you and your instructor to communicate. Certain days that you attend class you will post in the main forum with your other classmates on a certain discussion topic, and then respond to others posts with an educated response. In these forums, you have
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