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Using Proper Tone - some euphemisms when communicating with...

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Using Proper Tone Your tone is very important when communicating with others; people view your demeanor, your hand gestures, your stance, and facial expressions to understand what you are saying. In the written version of communication, it is difficult for one to know how to perceive what they are reading. The reader does not know what the writer intended the words to mean. When writing to my family, who have known me all my life, I can use words like slang that I would not write to someone that I did not know. Friends fall into a similar category with family, though I may use
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Unformatted text preview: some euphemisms when communicating with my friends. Communicating with my classmates and instructor are a completely different category than the friends and family communication. You have to be more aware of how you are coming across to the reader. Using a thesaurus is sometimes helpful; you can choose better words to communicate what you are trying to get across. Sometimes I walk away from what I wrote come back and read it aloud to make sure that I am using the correct written tone. It only takes one word to offend someone unintentionally....
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