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The answers to both tables were similar. Both of us felt that Christian Americans are not oppressive to women; they have women who go to work, and a political environment that is open to both sexes, while the Muslim and Arab Americans have their women be homemakers, and their political environment is male dominated. . We both felt that Biblical law governs Christian Americans, and the Qur’an governs Muslim and Arab Americans. I felt that both groups would make good neighbors, while the other table felt that Christian Americans would make good neighbors. I felt that both groups were devout while the other table felt that Muslim and Arab Americans were devout. We both felt that both groups are family oriented, that both groups had religion in education, and both groups were well educated. We also felt that both groups were both peaceable and violent. I feel that the descriptors about women are true; Muslim and Arab women are oppressed where Christian American women are not oppressed. In addition, Biblical law governs the
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