Wells Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Wells Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Ethnic Groups and...

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Heather Wells ETH/125 July 15, 2011 Bob Nobis
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2 The first Polish immigrants arrived in America in 1608; this was twelve years before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts. Polish immigrants were mostly indentured servants, which meant for their passage to America, they agreed to work for the colony for a certain number of years (Newspaper). The Polish people came to America for economic, political, and religious reasons. Many were illiterate and unskilled, so they took low paying jobs and lived in crowded dwellings (Urban-Klaehn). The largest wave of Polish immigration was in the early 20 th century, there were officially more than 1.5 million Polish immigrants processed at Ellis Island. In the year 2000, the United States census reported that there are six hundred sixty seven thousand four hundred fourteen Americans that reported Polish as the spoken language at home (Polish American Facts ). Polish immigrants faced discrimination in various parts of the United States. They were discriminated against for being newcomers. Newcomers were described as people who have a different religion, language, skin color, or behavior than the people who had already settled in the area. They also faced discrimination when it came to jobs. People who already lived in the area were in fear that the newcomers would take jobs away from them not realizing that there were plenty of jobs available. With
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Wells Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Ethnic Groups and...

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