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Wells Goals - Eating right and exercising will be the key...

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Two long- term goals of mine, one is educational, and one is personal. The first is my education I would like to obtain my Master’s in Health Administration. The second is to remain healthy, no more heart problems. I think that obtaining my Masters will be very challenging and somewhat difficult, but achievable. It is very important to me that I achieve this goal. When I was younger, I gave up my college time to be a wife and mother, now it is time to spend on me. I want my family to have more options available to them. My other goal will be simple to achieve as long as I keep my mind to it.
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Unformatted text preview: Eating right and exercising will be the key to achieving this goal. For school, I will need to finish my associates, which will be finished in a little over a year, and then onto my Bachelors degree, which should take me about two years to complete. For my health, enrolling in a nutrition class to learn what foods I should be eating to cut my risks of coronary artery disease. This class meets on Tuesdays for eight weeks. I plan to join a fitness group at the gym in order to keep me active and help with my weight loss, this group meets for 12 weeks....
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