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Defining Race and Ethnicity Race and Ethnicity have two totally separate meanings, yet they both share similarities. Race is distinguished by similar characteristics, such as people with a certain skin color belong to one race, whereas ethnicity refers to people who share common cultural differences, such as Hispanics, and European Americans. People may share the same skin color, but do not come from the same ethnic backgrounds. In ethnic groups people may share the same skin color, but come from different ethnicities. As an example I am Caucasian, but from Polish descent, while my husband is Native American, from Lakota Sioux descent. My husband and I are both of different races, and are subdivided within our races by our ethnicity. Our children are fused, thus creating a new race and ethnicity.
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Unformatted text preview: These concepts play a role in the shaping of America. Many opportunities are given to people of certain races and ethnicities. Some opportunities are in the form of land, college scholarships, and job opportunities. Without having the past we cannot have a future. We as a country have learned from each other. Diversity opens up new opportunities and abilities. The ability to communicate with others and open up new industries, and trade. As we progress in society and create new races and new ethnic groups we may one day become one nation, though I couldn’t imagine the United States, or the world for that matter having everyone the same. Our diversity is what makes us original....
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