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Conducting research online differs from the traditional library in that you have a vast amount of information readily available. Using tools like the University Library, you can search multiple databases using on query. Using a traditional library, you have to search for the section within the library that the information is located and search through multiple articles, books, etc. to find what you are looking for. Researching via internet is much quicker, and more information is available at one time making it easier to create a paper faster. Though online research can also be a lot riskier, you cannot always trust the information that you are
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Unformatted text preview: viewing. Educational or governmental websites are more trustworthy than sites that have content that is added by a user. Some sites give you wrong information deliberately, and any user that logs in and changes it can change some sites. The information that they add may not be accurate at all. While doing research I plan to utilize both the internet and traditional library when needed. The process to me is to utilize all the tools available to me in the library section online. I also will be making sure that I am using trusted sites, with accurate information....
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