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Wells Communicating in Forum - It is very important to use...

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It is very important to use inclusive language when in classroom forums. Inclusive language ensures that all readers are treated with equal respect. In the online classroom setting students do not have the opportunity to get to know each other in a face to face classroom, so there is a loss of expression that is much needed in order to understand what the writer intended. Mistakes can be avoided simply by using caution when choosing your words. It is easy to offend one of your classmates with poor word choices. By taking time and putting thought into what you are writing you can avoid simple mistakes in the future. You should always use gender-neutral terms. It is not good etiquette to begin communicating with your classmates with "Hi guys"; if you needed to address the class, you should have simply said "Hi class". I am sure that not all of your classmates are guys, and that could be very offensive to the females in your class.
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