Wells Learning Styles - Someone who has multiple...

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Someone who has multiple intelligences will ultimately us multiple learning techniques. My strong intelligences are linguistic, interpersonal, and rhythmic. My moderate intelligence is visual. My underdeveloped intelligences are intrapersonal, naturalistic, logical, and kinesthetic. My intelligences seem to link somewhat to my personality type. I am a strong organizer, and moderate when it comes to being an adventurer, a giver, or a thinker. Study techniques that I use are from my personality type and my multiple intelligences. I am amazed that I can agree with most of the given study techniques as ones I already use whether it is in a classroom or online. I will print out my reading sometimes if I need to highlight text, and create notes. I also find myself talking with my teenage daughter about what I am learning; educating her while, I am educating myself. For my rhythmic side, I have always loved music, I will have music playing softly in the background while I am studying, this helps keep me relaxed. I also take small breaks where I will change the
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Wells Learning Styles - Someone who has multiple...

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