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Time management for me is very important. I am employed full time; I am a full time wife and mother, and a full time college student. It is essential that I do not stray from my time lines, if I get off track something usually goes undone, which in my life is unacceptable. The most important duty for the day is to go to work. Bills have to be paid; food has to go on the table. Taking care of my family is my first priority, making sure that we have a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs comes before anything. After working, and making sure that we are fed and the house is cleaned up, it is time to tackle my schoolwork. While I do my homework, my kids also do their homework. It helps keep quiet time so that we all can get our homework done. It makes a wonderful support group for my kids and me. My daughter is older so I can bounce ideas for my paper off her, and she can proofread for me. My husband is also a wonderful support, when I have schoolwork to do on the weekend he takes the kids out of the house so
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Unformatted text preview: that I can complete my work, he also lets me bounce ideas off him and from time to time, he will proof read for me. I have multiple computers in my house, so if one of my computers goes down I have others to use. In the event that my internet service is down, or the internet service in the area is down, the next town over has Wi-Fi at Wendy’s that I can use. I will just have to load my laptop up in the car and head to the restaurant, purchase a drink and maybe some fries and do my schoolwork. I have my calendars printed from my classes that I post on my wall by my desk so that I know what is due when. I also put important papers in my phone with an alarm that goes off to remind me to turn in my paper, or that I need to get it finished today. I also have them listed on a calendar in my room and one on my desk at work, since I sometimes do assignments on my lunch hour when I have things to do after work that will occupy most of my evening time....
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