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IAT test Heather Wells - words my mind started to get...

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I took the IAT that was on skin tone; I scored slight automatic preference for light skin compared to dark skin. I agree with the results to an extent, I think that my results had a lot to do with my button pushing technique more than what I favor. I do not associate skin color with good or bad at all. I have always believed that it is the person, not the color of someone’s skin that makes him or her good or bad. I think it is very difficult to measure prejudice since the tests are how your brain responds to visual pictures and words. In the IAT that I completed there were so many pictures and
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Unformatted text preview: words my mind started to get confused on which button to push, it was almost exhausting. Sociologists use different scales, such as the Likert or Borgardus scale to calculate prejudice, depending on how someone answers questions. How much someone is willing to interact with other groups is how the Borgardus scale measures prejudice. When using the Likert scale the user answers whether they agree or disagree with the statement and depending on where you score on the scale, it identifies possible prejudice....
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