HLTH 236 Chapter One

HLTH 236 Chapter One - I. Historical Aspects of...

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I. Historical Aspects of Race/Ethnicity and Health a. Historical Background i. Changing status of African Americans in U.S. history 1. Slavery a. 1640-1863 b. (244 years/63.4%) 2. Reconstruction and Jim Crow a. 1863-1965 b. (102 years/26.5%) 3. Post-Civil Rights a. 1965-present b. (39 years/10.1%) ii. 13 th Amendment- 1. 1865 2. Outlawed slavery iii. 14 th Amendment- 1. 1868 2. Citizenship given to all persons born in U.S. or naturalized iv. 15 th Amendment- 1. 1870 2. Barred states from prohibiting any male citizen from voting v. 19 th Amendment- 1. 1920 2. All females received the right to vote with the ratification vi. African American Health in the Early 20 th Century- 1. separate health care facilities for African Americans began to be developed, mainly by churches.
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2. Medical schools were created for Black doctors because most med schools wouldn’t admit blacks a. Today there are 4 historically Black medical schools: b. Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. c.
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HLTH 236 Chapter One - I. Historical Aspects of...

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