Farewell - c The minister agreed to do it if Hallie would...

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Farewell: A Memoir of a Texas Childhood Hoton Foote
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I. Part One A. Chapter One 1. Left home in Warton at Sixteen when he graduated high school. 2. Had a desire to be an actor, although few knew about this. 3. He wanted to go to a dramatic school in NY, but ended up going to California at 16. 4. Eppie Murphee, his speech teacher/theater teacher in high school believed in his dream of becoming an actor. a) She casted him in a one-act play about 3 college roommates, his character had a drug problem. (freshman year) b) He got first prize for acting in that play. B. Chapter Two 1. Born Tuesday, March 14 th , 1916 2. Mother: Harriet Gautier Brooks AKA “Hallie” (22 in 1916) 3. Father: Alber Horton Foote, Jr. (26) 4. His maternal grandparents opposed the marriage a) Daisy and Tom Brooks b) Albert and Hallie had to elope a few blocks away
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Unformatted text preview: c) The minister agreed to do it if Hallie would call her parents and let them know what she was doing. d) The wed feb 14 th 1915 e) The marriage lasted 60 years 5. His grandfather’s 15 acres had originally been a part of the William Kincheloe plantations a) Kincheloe received title to two leagues of land from the Mexican government on July 8, 1824. b) It was one of the original three hundred settlers that came to Texas from Louisiana with Stephen Austin. c) The kincheloe plantation had been divided and subdividedmany times before Foote’s grandfather bought his acreage in 1896 6. Foote was referred to as “tender-hearted” by his aunt Laura and also had an active imagination. I I....
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Farewell - c The minister agreed to do it if Hallie would...

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