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5th tests Notes - 5th tests Notes Breeder house o Feed at...

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5 th tests Notes: Breeder house: o Feed at the bottom o Top of the pan that feeds has holes in the metal cover o Bird eats in the hole o Size of the hole Hen can put her head in there Rooster cant fit it’s head in there o Ceiling hang feeders for roosters o Ventilation is an important feature for ANY poultry house PURPOSE? Move air remove dust remove water ammonia build up (feces + water + bacteria ammonia) (Mammals: N2(as liquid urea) is excreted in the urine; Birds:N2 (as solid uric acid) excreted in the feces) o Why do you put the females in first? Social order Peck Order Females have to establish dominance over the space Females would kill the males if the males were already there Food Safety o Bacteria Digestion of lactose Antibiotics Beer
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Wine Whiskey Cheese Yogurt Bread Sausage o Same antibiotics animals + people Bacteria in food o Restaurant o Home
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