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Bio1A Spring 2011 Discussion Section Handout #7 Week of March 14, 2011 1) a. What phenotypes did Mendel observe when he selfed the offspring from a cross between a true- breeding purple-flowered pea and a true-breeding white-flowered pea? Draw out a Punnett square for this cross. 3 purple flowered : 1 white flowered CC Cc Cc cc b. How were these results different from the “blending inheritance” that Mendel expected? Blending inheritance would have predicted that all the flowers would be light purple (i.e. a blend of the two parental phenotypes, purple and white). Instead, something was inherited unchanged, meaning there are immutable properties of inheritance. c. Now imagine that peas are tetraploid. What ratio of phenotypes would result from the same cross? (Hint: you can assume that each chromosome pairs up with only one other homologous chromosome at Metaphase I of meiosis, and that pairing within a set of four homologous chromosomes is random.) 35:1 (see detailed answer on separate document) 2) Describe three forms of RNA modification in eukaryotic cells. 5’ cap – methylated guanine added with a 5’ – 5’ linkage. Helps mRNAs be recognized and translated
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section 7 handout_answers_v2 - Bio1A Spring 2011 Discussion...

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