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Bio1A Spring 2011 Discussion Section Handout #10 Week of April 11, 2011 Multi-Cellularity, Cell Shape and Function, Tissue Specialization 1.Complete the following table: Cell-Cell Interaction Description Function Type of Protein Gap Junctions Pores between cells Regulate intercellular communication; allow movement of small molecules; synchronize tissue responses Connexins (transmembrane proteins; each side of cell has 6 that form half of a pore) Adherens Junctions “Belt” of contact; prevalent in epithelial tissue Strong adhesion Cadherins and catenins Tight Junctions Strong seals; prevalent in epithelial tissue Sealing between cells; polarizing, barrier functions; coordination with adherens junctions Occludins, claudins, ZO-1 Desmosomes Light, “spot-like” contact; prominent in skin cells and capillaries (squamous tissue) Weaker adhesion Cadherin-like proteins, desmoplakin 2.Which of the four types of tissue discussed in lecture best match each of the following terms or descriptions? a. Cells and the extracellular matrix Connective tissue b. Protection, barrier, secretion, and absorption Epithelial tissue c.Dendrites, axon, synapse Nervous tissue d.Skeletal, cardiac, or smooth Muscle tissue e. Squamous, columnar, or cuboidal cells Epithelial tissue f. Submucosa of the stomach (2 answers) Connective tissue and nervous tissue
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g. Osteoblasts, adipocytes, fibroblasts, chondrocytes, blood cells Connective tissue h. Simple, stratified Epithelial tissue i. Have action potentials (2 possible answers) Nervous tissue and cardiac muscle tissue j. Lies on top of a basement membrane Epithelial tissue 3.Compare the three different shapes of epithelial cells we learned about: squamous cells, columnar
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section 10 handout_answers - Bio1A Spring 2011 Discussion...

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