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Mythology - Copy (2) - Niobe"Pelops sister who rules in...

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· Niobe-"Pelops' sister who rules in Thebes. When she tries to get the townspeople to worship her instead of Leto, Apollo and Artemis turn her to stone." · Rhea-"Wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Poseidon." · Artemsi (Diana)-"The twin sister of Apollo. Artemis is a virgin huntress who also possesses aspects of the moon goddess Lun/Selene/Phoebe. her underworld manifestation is Hecate, a goddess of death. The cypress is her tree and deer are sacred to her although she is a patron of the forest and all things contained within." · Pelops-"The son of Tantalus who was cut up and served to the gods. When he was restored to life, he killed a charioteer in a race and was cursed." · Creusa and Ion-Creusa bore Ion to Apollo and abandoned him in a cave. Years later she was reunited with him at the Oracle at Delphi. · Andromache-The wife of Hector who was forced to watch her young son be executed after the fall of Troy. · Minos-"The ruler of Crete, husband to Pasiphae, who fell in love with a bull and bore the Minotaur. He appears in many tales, usually as a conqueror. He became a judge of the dead in the underworld." · Ithaca-The island nation of Odysseus. · Poseidon (Neptune)-"One of the three Olympian brothers, Poseidon drew the lot for control of the ocean. Of the gods, he is second in power to Zeus. He is also known as the Earth shaker. He allegedly helped build the sacred walls of Troy. He gavea the first horse to men and horses remained his sacred animal." · Silenus-Pan's brother or son who is always drunk and rides a donkey. · Janus-God of good beginnings whose doors were kept closed in peaceful times but opened in war. January begins the new year. · Odin-The king of the gods. He is the father of Balder and the husband of Frigga. He gives men runes and suffers for them on many occasions. · Pegasus-The winged horse Bellerophon desired more that anything else. He go the horse with the help of Athena and used it to defeat many adversaries. He did not lose it until he attempted to fly up to Olympus. · Adonis-"The boy Persephone and Aphrodite loved. He must live half the year alive and half dead(in the underworld). He was killed while alive,and his blood became the anemone." · Epimenides-Epimenides went to sleep as a boy and woke up 57 years later. He helped Athens overcome a plague and return he wanted only friendship for his home city. · Freyr-The god of fruits. · Athena (Minerva)-The daughter of Zeus who sprang from his head fully dressed in arms. She is often depited as a warrior goddess as well as the goddess of wisdom. She is allowed to use her father's weapons. She is a virgin. Her city is Athens; her tree is the olive tree and her bird is the owl. · Persephone (Proserpina)-"Daughter of Demeter, she is the foreced wife of Hades
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Mythology - Copy (2) - Niobe"Pelops sister who rules in...

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