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Darnell Timothy Owens 7250 Crestview Circle * Horizon, MT 59362 * Phone (728) 555 9984 * E-mail: [email protected] February 21, 2008 Mr. Zach Davis Pinehurst Athletic Center 5421 Champion Drive Horizon, MT 59362 Dear Mr. Davis: I have enclosed my resume for review in response to your advertisement for the coaching assistant position in the Horizon Daily Courier . As you can see by my resume, I have been involved in sports for several years, as a player and as a manager, trainer, and assistant. The following table lists some of my pertinent activities: Manager, boys’ baseball 3 seasons Trainer, women’s softball 2 seasons Catcher, men’s travel team 4 seasons
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Unformatted text preview: Manager, men’s baseball 8 seasons I plan to graduate this May from Norson Central College with a bachelor’s degree in biology. After graduation, I will begin my medical studies in the sports medicine field. In addition, I offer the following: • Little League coach for the past two summers • Volunteer at Oakton Sports Rehabilitation Center • Member of Student Athletic Association on campus I look forward to an interview so that we can further discuss the position and my qualifications. I am confident I will be a valuable addition to the staff of Pinehurst Athletic Center. Sincerely, Darnell T. Owens Enclosure...
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