Chapter 16 - Chapter 16 1(Define nonferrous metallurgy is...

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Chapter 16 1. (Define) nonferrous metallurgy is the study of metals that do not use iron as their principal alloying element. 2. Name four types of atomic unit cells that occur in metals: - Body-centered cubic - Face-centered cubic - Close-packed hexagonal - Body-centered tetragonal 3. Face-centered cubic is the type of atomic structure occurs in austenitic iron and metals such s aluminum, copper, and silver. 4. When metal deforms, the atoms inside a crystal structure slide past one another along slip planes. 5. The difference between a solid solution alloy and a mixture is altering the atomic structure of metals. 6. Alloying is also called solid solution hardening when a second element is completely dissolved into the original metal. 7. Cold working is the repeated application of force to deform and strengthen metal, this process is also known as work hardening. 8. A section of heavy sheet 0.100’’ thick is reduced to a final thickness of 0.040’’ by passing through a rolling mill. % = . - . . × % CW 0 001 0 0400 100 100 % = % CW 60 9. Explain the difference between drawing and extrusion?
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-Drawing is a shape method in which metal is pulled (drawn) through a die to produce a reduce cross-sectional size (small size). -Extrusion is a finishing process in which metal is reduced in thickness as it is forced by a ram through a die orifice. 10.When further cold working is required to produce a final size, metal can be annealed to regain softness and ductility. In this process. metal is heated and slowly cooled in a furnace. In nonferrous metallurgy, annealing consists of
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Chapter 16 - Chapter 16 1(Define nonferrous metallurgy is...

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