MIE360 2 What is simulation

MIE360 2 What is simulation - MIE360 Computer Modeling and...

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MIE360 Computer Modeling and Simulation Lecture Notes Daniel Frances © 2010 1 MIE360 Lecture 2. What is simulation? What is this course all about? We need an example? Consider four roommates that share an apartment. You are one of them! You just got a job and you want to set the time of your alarm. If you wake up too early – no good If you wake up too late you might come in late and make a bad impression. For any given alarm time, you need to assess the chances that you will be late and by how much. How does one obtain such a distribution? Without simulation the only way we know is to collect data! That is, we would need to simulate in real life what would happen if we got up at a certain time. a. set aside a period of say a month (20 days) and set the alarm at a certain time, say 8 am, wake up and pretend we are going to work and see what time we get there. b. We would then keep a record of the times to get to work c. Finally we would tally the % of time we arrived late, and for each late time, by how much. If we liked what we saw, that would be it. If not we would either wake up earlier or later and repeat the exercise until we were satisfied. This might take a few months, and we have yet to start working. This course is really about an alternative approach – can we do these calculations in some better way without actually having to do it for real. What they do share is that instead of simulating the outputs for real, is that you first simulate for real
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MIE360 2 What is simulation - MIE360 Computer Modeling and...

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