GUC-Auditing Outline - Auditing (Auditing and Advanced...

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1 Auditing (Auditing and Advanced Auditing) Course Outline Auditing Instructor: Dr. Hassan Ouda Office Hours: Sun & Tue: 13:00-15:00 (office: B5.329) & by appointment (email: ) Teaching Assistants: Teaching Assistant Room Office Hours Ms. Diana Mostafa B1-307 Upon Appointments Ms. Hala Amin Mr. Moataz El Helaly Ms. Ingie Alaa Salma I. Course Description The Audit function is critical to the success of our economic system. Our financial markets require that an entity’s financial statements be audited by an independent third party. This course will integrate the most important concepts of auditing as well as certain practical aspects in a logical manner to assist students in understanding audit decision-making and evidence accumulation. This is in addition to understanding the main aspects and ethics an auditor should follow, and the scope of audit responsibility. The course familiarizes students with the concepts, procedures and techniques upon which the audit function is based. It also enables students to appreciate the importance of auditing in modern business societies, as well as to a have a more in depth view on the phases of the audit process and places a good corner stone to help them to start their profession practically.
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GUC-Auditing Outline - Auditing (Auditing and Advanced...

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