Course outline - Faculty of Management Technology Dept. of...

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Unformatted text preview: Faculty of Management Technology Dept. of Operations Management COURSE OUTLINE OPER 501 ~ Operations Management I Instructor: Prof. Dr. Sherwat Elwan Email: Assistants: Mrs. Mona Ali Ms. Salma Mahmoud Mr. Karim Hatem Ms. Marwa Elagroudy Mrs. Dina El-Rafai Instructor Office Hours: Course Schedule: MGMT group 1: Tuesday 3 rd Slot (H3) MGMT group 2: Wednesday 2 nd Slot (H12) Office hours Dr. Sherwat: Wed 3 rd , or by appointment. Course Type: Requirement Prerequisites: Pre-requisite: Introduction to Management I. Course Description The overall aims of the course are to acquaint students with the basic concepts of managing manufacturing and service operations and its physical resources; mainly facilities, machines, and equipments. The process of decision making concerning these operations and physical resources is usually done through the Production and Operations Department . Effective managers in the global era must realize the importance of operations quality and have the right tools for making good choices for their business; hence they must realize that the most important part of the business management is their awareness of production / operations basic concepts. 1 II. Course Learning Outcomes 1. Knowledge and understanding: a. Describe the operations function and the nature of the operations manager's job....
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This note was uploaded on 09/20/2011 for the course ACCT 502 taught by Professor Hassanouda during the Spring '11 term at German University in Cairo.

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Course outline - Faculty of Management Technology Dept. of...

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