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Group Presentations Guidelines

Group Presentations Guidelines - discussions which follow...

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Faculty of Management and Technology HROB_502 Group Presentations Guidelines You will divide yourselves into group. Each group will be assigned a chapter’s case study (you will find these on the intranet, and you are responsible for getting your case). You will present the case to your classmates and relate it to the material covered in the chapter, and answer the case questions. The allocated time for you presentation is 20 minutes – allow 5-10 minutes for questions by your TA and your classmates! Every team member has to participate in the presentation and in the class
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Unformatted text preview: discussions which follow.  Your grades will be individually assigned based on your performance and effort in the presentation.  Group members have to be from the same class .  You have to finalize your group formation by the end of the first week or otherwise we will have to allocate you ourselves! Come prepared! Criteria for evaluating the presentations: Check your presentation marking criteria online – GUC Intranet! If you do not check it, you will not be able to perform accordingly and you will lose marks!!! GOOD LUCK!...
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