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Organisational Behaviour HROB_502 Case Study: Recruitment and Selection at Tesco (Tutorial 2) (For Week Commencing 24 th September 2011) Before you come to the seminar: Ensure you have read the case study uploaded on your intranet and made appropriate notes Objectives of the tutorial On completion of this seminar you should be able to organize your own preparatory work be able to fit the ability with the job in practice assess and discuss theory critically work in groups learn the skills and processes involved in case study analysis Task 1. Your will be divided into four groups. Each group is to assume the role of management consultants for Tesco. Each group should develop a recruitment and selection criteria and process for filling different positions within the Supermarket Chain.
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Unformatted text preview: The vacancies you need to fill are: i. checkout staff ii. stock handler iii. pharmacists iv. supervisors -Your recruitment policy/contract should also include: a note on employee discipline, and training program for each job. 2. You will be given 20 minutes for group discussion. At the end of this time you should be prepared to feedback to the other groups your analysis and recommendations. Next week’s lecture will involve an in-class test. You must prepare for this by reading your lecture notes and the recommended text books as questions will be based on both the lecture and reading material. For the tutorial you have to complete the Myers-Briggs personality test....
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