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1 Name ____________________________________ TA ______________________________________ Lab Section Number Professor Land Summer Session II, 1997 CHEMISTRY 2B Exam III Instructions: CLOSED BOOK EXAM No books or notes allowed. All information required is contained on the exam. Place all work in space provided. If you require additional space, use the back of the exam. (1) Read each question carefully. (2) There is no partial credit for problems in Part I (105 Pts). (3) Show work in Part II (145 Pts). Credit will be given only for work shown. Answers without work will not receive credit. (4) The last two pages contain potentially useful info and a periodic table. You may remove them for easy access. (5) Graded exams will be available for viewing next Fall. Grades will be posted in the basement of the Chemistry Building and on the Web sites. Page: Possible Points Points 2. 53 Points 3. 52 Points 4. 35 Points (Partial Credit) 5. 35 Points (Partial Credit) 6. 25 Points(Partial Credit) 7. 50 Points (Partial Credit) Total Score (250) If you finish early, RECHECK YOUR ANSWERS. UC Davis is an Honor Institution.
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Part I - 105 Pts. No partial credit. 1. (10 pts) For the reaction 6 C(s) + 3 H 2 (g) ¸ C 6 H 6 (l) H rxn ° = 49 kJ at 298 K. This reaction will A. be driven by the enthalpy. D. be spontaneous at low temperatures. B. not be spontaneous at high temperatures. E. be spontaneous at all temperatures. C. not be spontaneous at any temperature. 2. (15 pts) The relationship between the solubility in water, s, and the K sp for the ionic solid AlCl 3 is: A. K sp = s B. K sp = 3s 4 C. K sp = 4s 3 D. K sp = 27s 4 E. K sp = 2s 2 3. (18 pts) How many grams of sodium nitrite (NaNO 2 , MW=68.98) must be added to a liter of 0.15 M nitrous acid (HNO 2 , K a =4.3 * 10 - 4 ) to make a buffer solution of pH = 4.0 ? A. 5.3 grams B. 44.5 grams C. 22.2 grams D. 80.5 grams E. 127 grams 4. (10 pts) For the boiling of water at 100 °C, A. ( S surroundings + S system ) is less than zero. D. S surroundings is positive. B.
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Land final. 97pdf - 1 Name _ TA _ Lab Section Number...

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