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V ALENCIA C OMMUNITY C OLLEGE Introduction to Humanities HUM 2220 Response Paper 1: Troy ASSIGNMENT The plot in Troy is a perfect manifestation of the Greek concepts of arête and the Moroi. Using any of the main characters in the play, show how these manifested themselves in the roles they played. Arete , in its basic sense, means " goodness ", " excellence " or " virtue " of any kind. In its earliest appearance in Greek , this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function; the act of living up to one's full potential. Arete in ancient Greek culture was courage and strength in the face of adversity and it was what all people aspired to. THE MOIRAI were the goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man. They assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things. Their name means 'Parts', 'Shares' or 'Allotted Portions'. Zeus as the god of the fate of mortals was their leader. Klotho , whose name meant 'Spinner', spun the thread of life.
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Unformatted text preview: Lakhesis , whose name meant 'Apportioner of Lots' - being derived from a word meaning to receive by lot, measured the thread of life. Atropos (or Aisa), whose name meant 'She who cannot be turned', cut the thread of life. At the birth of a man, the Moirai spun out the thread of his future life, followed his steps, and directed the consequences of his actions according to the counsel of the gods. It was not an inflexible fate; Zeus, if he chose, had the power of saving even those who were already on the point of being seized by their fate. The Fates did not abruptly interfere in human affairs but availed themselves of intermediate causes, and determined the lot of mortals not absolutely, but only conditionally, even man himself, in his freedom was allowed to exercise a certain influence upon them. As man's fate terminated at his death, the goddesses of fate become the goddesses of death, Moirai Thanatoio ....
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