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Often we are overwhelmed when approaching reaction based questions on Test Day because we do no know where to start. Use these steps in approaching any reaction : 1) Identify the Leaving Group/Electrophile a. The leaving group is an electronegative atom attached to a carbon (i.e. halogens) b. Note that there will not always be a leaving group (i.e. addition reactions), but an electronegative atom will be attached to a carbon (i.e. a carbonyl) c. The electronegative atom pulls charge away, giving it a partial negative charge and the carbon a partial positive charge d. The partial positive charge makes the carbon the electrophile, which will be attacked by the nucleophile 2) Identify the Substitutability a. When the question asked is to identify if a reaction is SN1 or SN2 (i.e. rate, racemic products), substitution can reveal the answer.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Primary alkyl halide = SN2 c. Tertiary alkyl halide= SN1 3) Identify the Nucleophile a. A good nucleophile is a weak base b. Look for an atom on a molecule with a high concentration of electrons (i.e. chlorine anion) c. This atom will attack the electrophile determined earlier 4) Identify the Solvent a. The solvent reveals a lot about how a reaction will occur. b. A polar protic solvent is ideal for SN1 c. A polar aprotic solvent is ideal for SN2 5) Identify the stereochemistry a. If SN2 100% Inversion of configuration. b. If SN1 Racemic products. 6) Identify if rearrangement occurred. a. Only SN1 reactions are capable of rearrangements because of the carbocation intermediate....
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OC-II_Reaction+Help+Document - b Primary alkyl halide = SN2...

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