PCAT Biology Reinforcement Test 2A

PCAT Biology Reinforcement Test 2A - _ BIOLOGY...

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________________________________________________________ BIOLOGY REINFORCEMENT TEST 2A KAPLAN __________________________________________________________________________________ 1 BIOLOGY REINFORCEMENT TEST 2A Questions: 25 Time: 15 minutes Directions: Choose the best answer to each of the following questions. 1. Which of the following events occurs immediately prior to ovulation? A. Sharp increase in LH secretion B. Decrease in progesterone secretion C. Sharp decrease in estrogen secretion D. Decrease in LH and FSH secretion 2. One of the primary functions of a Schwann cell is to A. myelinate a neuron’s cell body. B. myelinate axons and dendrites. C. myelinate dendrites only. D. myelinate axons only. 3. The parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for A. stimulating the heart. B. returning the body to homeostatic conditions. C. decreasing gastrointestinal activity. D. vasodilating blood vessels in the skeletal system. 4. The method by which substances enter the Bowman’s capsule is A. filtration. B. secretion. C. reabsorption. D. excretion. 5. A kidney problem that results in elevated urine glucose levels is probably due to impaired function of the A. glomerulus. B. proximal convoluted tubule. C. loop of Henle. D.
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PCAT Biology Reinforcement Test 2A - _ BIOLOGY...

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