GEMS Questions & Answers Final 2011

GEMS Questions & Answers Final 2011 - GEMS THE...

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GEMS THE GEORGETOWN EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL STUDIES PROGRAM QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2011-2012 1. How competitive is the GEMS Program? Admissions to the GEMS Program is competitive. In 2008 , 149 applied and 27 acceptances were offered. There were 210 applications in 2009 and 27 applicants were accepted. Last year 178 applied and 31 were accepted. 2. What is the admissions process? Completed applications are reviewed by the GEMS Admissions Committee which is comprised of members of the medical school faculty and staff, physician graduates of the GEMS Program and former GEMS students. Incomplete applications are not reviewed. Each member of the Committee reviews the application. The Committee meets for a discussion of each applicant and the Committee decides by majority vote, if the candidate will be invited to spend a day at Georgetown to be interviewed. Candidates who are not invited to interview will not be accepted to the GEMS Program. Final decisions on interviewees are made following a second review by each member of the Committee. To arrive at final decisions the Committee meets to discuss the applicant’s interview and test results, and votes to accept or reject the applicant. Final decisions will be made on all GEMS applications by May 27, 2011 . 3. Are interviews required? Yes, interviews are required for acceptance to the GEMS Program. Last year 29 % of applicants were invited to interview and 61 % of applicants who were interviewed were offered acceptances. Applicants who are invited to
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GEMS Questions & Answers Final 2011 - GEMS THE...

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