F11-Quiz0-Answers - Quiz 0 (Syllabus Quiz) Answers Review...

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Quiz 0 (Syllabus Quiz) – Answers Review of the Introduction , Syllabus , Learning Objectives , Schedule , and the documents About This Class , On-Line Quizzes , and Frequently Asked Questions 1. A mid-term in-class exam represents approximately what percentage of your grade in the course? a. 12% b. 24% c. 32% d. 50%% e. There are no mid-term exams 2. Which of the following is one of the learning objectives for this course? a. Learn the ethical positions taken by major religions b. Describe the ethical dimensions of governmental leadership c. Describe the general features of international laws governing human trafficking d. Discuss bribery from a domestic and global perspective; relate this to the requirements of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act e. Describe the major conclusions from experiments in psychology relating to brain function and ethical decision-making 3. Which of the following statements is FALSE? a. It is recommended that you not try to review more than three video segments per day
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F11-Quiz0-Answers - Quiz 0 (Syllabus Quiz) Answers Review...

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