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Ethical Decision Making in Business R ICHARD G WINN , MD BA 300 Hybrid (Fall 2011) O FFICE L OCATION : SSE 3368 Course Schedule (Section 3) E MAIL : [email protected] Bold represents a quiz deadline, required assignment or class session. Create your own schedule for assignments, and fill in the dates as a reminder, making sure your meet the deadline for each bold entry. Approximate video segment lengths are shown for each assignment. Reading is from the text except where otherwise noted. Where a reading assignment indicates “ up to ” it means “ up to but not including ” the indicated section. A SSIGNMENT D ATE C ONTENT A REA R EADING A SSIGNMENT Session 1, Block 1 Enter your target dates below ↓ Introduction: Session 1 Block 1 Video 1 (6:17) Review Syllabus, course documents, and Blackboard site. Complete syllabus quiz immediately and be prepared for Quiz 1 deadline! 9/1/11 Thursday Syllabus Quiz Deadline 11:55pm Quiz on Syllabus, learning objectives, and information in the Documents folder. Moral Decision Making General Video 2 (10:19) From Page 4 ( The Financial Disaster of 2008 ) up to Page 9 ( Moving Beyond Cynicism ) From Page 19 ( This Book Is About Managing Ethics in Business ) up to Page 27 ( The Importance of Trust ) From Page 52 ( Eight Steps to Sound Ethical Decision Making in Business ) up to Page 58 ( Practical Preventative Medicine ) From Page 71 ( Ethical Awareness and Ethical Judgment ) up to Page 75 ( Individual Differences, Ethical Judgment, and Ethical Behavior ) Moral Decision Making Organizational Influences Part A: Ethics and Organizational Culture Video 3 (9:24) From Page 150 ( Introduction - Chapter 5 ) up to Page 155 ( Dow Corning: An Ethical Culture Out of Alignment? ) From Page 172 ( Performance Management Systems ) up to Page 175 ( Organizational Authority Structure ). From Page 272 ( People Fulfill Assigned Roles ) up to Page 277 ( The Milgram Experiments ) From Page 279 ( Responsibility is Diffused in Organizations ) up to Page 284 ( Conclusion ) Moral decision making Organizational Influences Part B: Ethics and the Law Video 4 (12:55) From Page 339 ( The Cost of Illegal Conduct ) up to Page 343 ( What the Research Says about Social
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F11-Sched3a_1 - Copy - Ethical Decision Making in Business...

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