Body Worlds - that much of the human body is amazing I am...

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1 Thieny Nguyen Professor Khalil MEDA 110 Wed 1.05 – 4.15 14 March 2009 Step into a New World I attended the Body Worlds exhibit on 03/14/2009. Actually, I could not imagine how it would be or expect a long line like that to get the ticket for the exhibition. The place is dark, too many people, have to wait awhile for people to move out of the way to read or see the body or part. Some of the plastinate poses are: Elegance on Ice '05 The Angel '05 The Drawer Man '99 The X-Lady '05 The ballet dancer '05 The yoga lady '05 The flying skier '02 The exploded body '05 The ponderer '05 The Skateboarder'05 Man of Leisure '02 The Ringman '02
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2 Before going to this exhibit I thought I would feel sick, or be truly disturbed over seeing plasticized dead bodies displayed. ..after going, all I have to say is incredible!!! I wish I could take some pictures, but cameras were not allowed. Even when I first walked in I did not really know exactly what to expect, but this was so fascinating and inter sting. To have an exhibit show
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Unformatted text preview: that much of the human body, is amazing. I am so happy that I decided to see this. Instead of just one large room with all specimens staggered in one space, the Tech created several rooms to walk through. The plasticized placenta alone was so amazing. I just never realize how large it is and how many veins are developed to supply blood to the baby. I thought that the display was art and science. I passed by all the rooms, the third floor and the basement for 2.5 hours, but I thought this display was really worth it. I personally loved the President Reagan’s letter. It was put in the room displayed the examples for Alzheimer and other nervous system diseases, so touching! The way the bodies were displayed was nothing more than pure and utter elegance. I cherish the gift of knowledge that I received in this exhibition....
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Body Worlds - that much of the human body is amazing I am...

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